2017 Sunday School Curriculum: Early Primary (K through 4th)

Date Topic Scripture Reference Handout Video Moral
9/24/17 Intro & “O Heavenly King” Acts 2 Prayer N/A
1 10/1/17 Creation of the world Genesis 1: 1-25 Creation “A New World” God created the world beautiful and interesting – out of love for us!
 No School 10/8/17 FESTIVAL
2 10/15/17 Creation of man Genesis 1:26-31 AND 2:18-25 Image of God “In The Image of God” God created us so special, to be like Him
3 10/22/17 The Fall of man Genesis 3:1-21 The Fall “Hiding From God” God will forgive us for our sins, if we confess and ask forgiveness
4 10/29/17 Noah’s Ark Genesis 6:9-22 Noah’s Ark “Noah Builds A Boat” We must remain faithful and obedient, and God will use us
5 11/5/17 The Great Flood Genesis 7:7-24 The Flood “The Floating Zoo” We must work together in tough times
“Waiting Patiently?” (Two videos for this lesson)
6 11/12/17 The Rainbow Covenant Genesis 8:13 – 22 AND 9:11-17 Covenant “A Rainbow Promise” God makes us promises and He keeps them
7 11/19/17 The Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1-9 Tower of Babel “The First Skyscraper” God’s way is the best way, to help us grow
No School 11/26/17 THANKSGIVING
No School 12/3/17 ST NICHOLAS
8 12/10/17 Christmas Lesson Luke 2:1-20 Shepherds “The Best Gift” God gifts perfect gifts, and His best gift is His Son, Jesus Christ
No School 12/17/17 Christmas Party
No School 12/24/17 CHRISTMAS

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