Ladies’ Society


Nora Hanna, President


The Ladies Society has been in existence for 53 years. It provides spiritual fellowship and serves the church in a variety of ways. The women of St. Nicholas are a vibrant, cohesive and dedicated group who work for the glory of God through their devotion to their parish, their families and each other.

We welcome all female members of the Cathedral to join in our organization and help us to plan and sponsor events and outreach activities. The focus of our activities has been on discovering ways in which we may reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ for the glorification of the church and our faith. We meet monthly in members’ homes or at the church with the primary focus of the general meetings being to provide opportunities for the ladies to educate themselves and engage in enlightening discussions.

Several Cathedral events are sponsored by the Ladies Society throughout the year. Some are spiritual and some are fund raising efforts to support our Cathedral.

Ladies Society Officers for 2016

  • Nora Hanna: President
  • Rose Samore: Vice President
  • Diana Kronfli: Recording Secretary
  • Kh. Eva Najim: Corresponding Secretary
  • Dianna Brooks: Treasurer
  • Caren Kouri: Historian
  • Isabel Elac: Sergeant of Arms
  • Jacquie Badaro: Parliamentarian
  • Nancy Malouf: Chaplain
  • Nina Fayad: Sunshine
  • Gina George: Coffee Hour

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