Ministry to the Newcomers


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Please join us to light a candle for peace in Syria and the Middle East. As the Syrian civil war marks its Fourth year. On Sunday March 15th. at 10:20, St. Nicholas Cathedral is holding a church service to pray for peace in Syria and the Middle East.

دعوة عامة إنسانية الى الجميع لنضيء الشموع من أجل السلام في سوريا والشرق الأوسط. كما يصادف الأزمة السورية عامها الرابع . يوم الأحد 15 آذار2015 . في الساعة 10:20صباحأ ، في كاتدرائية القديس نيقولا.

Ministry to the Newcomers 

There is an immediate need to establish a Newcomers’ Ministry to help them settle in Los Angeles, and make them members of Saint Nicholas Cathedral, and successful residents, and adapt to American society. The scope of this ministry includes, but not restricted to the following:

Welcoming them to the Cathedral

Taking Care of their spiritual needs.

Asking them to bring with them in the case they contact us before their arrival- the documents such as:

Birth Certificate

Inoculation Certificate for each of their children

School records for each child

Marriage Certificate….

Providing a ride to Church, Bank, Doctors, DMV etc.

Helping them open a bank account, obtain a debit or credit card, buy a cell phone, and find adult school to learn English and computer basic skills.

Guide them to take vocational courses that are provided by other Orthodox Churches, or to teach courses by volunteers at our Cathedral.

Helping them to receive their CA driver license.

Providing a ride to any of their meeting or appointments with physicians, social security, administration…..

Guiding them how to apply for public assistance.

Helping professionals to get equivalence for their degrees such as Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Engineers etc. We can obtain a CD for each profession.

There are many services that this ministry may offer on case basis, however this list provides the meat of what our ministry does.

Any member of our church, or anyone willing to help and guide in any way of the fields above or Anyone who knows about a new Christian family arriving to the Los Angeles area, is kindly requested to contact Fr. Michel Najim at (213) 382-6269 Ext:306 or Dr. Abdalah Matar (818) 434-0500, or any member of the Steering Committee.

Mr. Gabriel Matta (818) 203-1494

Dr. Haitham Matar (818)502-2544

Mr. Fayez Nima (818) 236-2651

Mr. Hanin Kastoun (818) 730-4843

Kh. Eva Najim (626) 966-1314

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