Parish Council


The Cathedral derives its ecclesiastical authority from the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. All the administrative authority of the Cathedral is vested in the Pastor and the Parish Council. The Clergy, Parish Council, Committees and Organizations act and officiate according to the constitution and the by-laws of Saint Nicholas Cathedral. They provide and facilitate the means for worship and religious education to all the parishioners. The Parish Council, however, is the representative of the Cathedral in administration of its properties and affairs. The Parish Council consists of 15 Regular Members, the Presidents (or a representative) of each of the Cathedral’s Organizations, and appointed Honorary (non-voting) members. Each year, four Parish Council Members are elected from the Parish at large, and one Member is appointed by the Pastor. All serve three year terms, and are allowed to serve only two terms consecutively. Parish Council Officers are elected from the Parish Council Members and serve one year terms of office. The Executive Committee of the Parish Council consists of the Pastor and the Officers of the Parish Council. The Parish Council meets monthly on the third Monday of each month, or at special meetings properly noticed, in the Cathedral Conference Room. Meetings are open to all Members of the Cathedral, and all are invited to attend and address of the Parish Council. For further details, please feel free to contact the Parish Council Chairman, Rose Samore at 818- 378-2055, any member of the Clergy, or any member of the Parish Council.


2016 Parish Council Board Members and Committee Chairs


Dean                                             Fr. Michel Najim

Assistant Priest                        Fr. Calinic Berger

Chairman                                   Haitham Mattar

Vice Chairman                           Rose Samore

Treasurer                                    Chad Wehba

Corresponding Secretary         Diana Abu Ata

Recording Secretary                  John Sarkees Nahas

Parliamentarian                         Robert Andrews


Office Committee                   Jim Samore

Ladies Society                         Nora Hanna

Men’s Fellowship                   George Hanna

20-40 Group                            John Sarkees Nahas

Youth Director                        Joey Phoenix

Teen SOYO                               Jouhana Matar & Randa Kassisieh

Church School                         Badia Mamar & Salma Maalouf

Maintenance Fund                  Dr. Fred Milkie

Building and Grounds            Gabriel Matta

Technology and Media           Hanin Kastoun

Finance Committee               Concetta Smarius

Stewardship                           Fr George Taweel

Camp Committee                  Fayez Nima

Valhalla                                  Eddie Awad

Ballroom                                Robert Crawford

Welcoming Committee       Nassif Shammaa

Legal Committee                 Julian Capata         

Maher Arounk

Jaqueline Badaro

Nina Fayad

James Gabrie

Isaac Haddad

Suleiman Kassisieh

Fadi Madanat

Michael Zeeb

Richard Ayoob


Honorary Life Members 

Bob Andrews

Eddie Awad

Chuck Nassief

Gabe Matta

Dr. Fred Milkie

Norman Barakat

Julian Capata




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