Sports Night

History of Sports Night at St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

Sports Night was originally called Father/Son Sports Banquet when it was first established over 45 years ago by the St. Nicholas Men’s Society under the leadership of

Bob Jabour,

Dr. George Nicola,

Naseeb Saliba

and many others who were the leaders of St. Nicholas and had the foresight to bring Fathers and Sons together with Sports Celebrities for a yearly banquet.The Father/Son Banquet has evolved over the years and has become a yearly event/fundraiser for the Cathedral.  The current leadership of this event is the Men’s Fellowship of St. Nicholas, which consists of

Curt Annett,

Bob Crawford,

Jim Samore,

John Gantus,

Fred Milkie,

Richard Ayoob

And many other volunteers who have spent countless hours helping mold this event into what it is today.

We’ve been blessed over the years to have such Sports stars and Celebrities as Muhammad Ali, Jerry West, Mike Scioscia, Bob Miller along with several Athletes from USC, UCLA, LA Lakers, LA Dodgers, LA Angels, LA Kings as well as other sports such as Soccer, Horse Racing, Gymnastics, etc.  These Athletes have graced our dais with messages to our youth about staying in school, the importance of getting an education, respecting your parents, getting along with your piers.  One of our most infamous guests who has been in attendance over 30 years is Roger Owens, the famed Peanut Man from Dodger Stadium.  Roger has entertained those in attendance by closing the program and tossing peanuts to everyone in the crowd.

In closing, this event now more commonly known as Sports Night or as we named it last year Dad’s Night out, has become a yearly tradition at St. Nicholas enjoyed by parishioners of all ages.  We hope to keep the legacy alive that was started by our forefathers many, many years ago.

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