Many Ways To Support The Cathedral

You can contribute from the abundance you have received from our Lord in several ways.  The button below will allow you to make a direct contribution to any of our individual giving opportunities.  You can make a one time gift, or a recurring gift using either a credit card or a direct withdrawal from your bank account (using our secure commerce system).  Alternatively, you may make your contributions by sending checks to the Cathedral office properly earmarked. Of course, you may also call the office if you wish to give your give via credit card but do not want to use our online system.

Christmas Card 2022 - $10,000.00

Please contribute to our community outreach efforts during the Nativity Fast by participating in the Community Christmas Card.  Your name will be listed in a beautiful card which will be sent to all the parishioners of the Cathedral.  Please be sure to use the notes section of the donation form to let us know exactly how you want your name listed on the card.  You may also check the "Cover Fees" box so that the Cathedral won't be burdened with the credit card processing fees. Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to support our charitable efforts in the community.

$13,552.96 raised of $10,000.00

St Nicholas Cathedral has partnered with Amazon.COM to give you an opportunity to have Amazon send the Cathedral a donation equal to 0.5% of anything you spend on their website.  Instead of going to "Amazon.COM" you go to "Smile.Amazon.COM".  All your account information, preferences, and shopping history are identical but if you use the Smile Prefix you can take advantage of this donation program which costs you absolutely nothing.  Click the button below to be directed straight to Amazon Smile and have St Nicholas Cathedral be your charity of choice.

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral
2300 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA  90057

(213) 382-6269

To join our mailing list, please call the Cathedral office, email us or use the contact form on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.