Church School -

St. Nicholas Church School’s education program provides age appropriate curriculum and faithful enthusiastic individuals to teach our students; preparing them with the principles of the Orthodox faith, and encouraging them to grow in God’s service. In Church School, we demonstrate the content of Orthodox faith in a Christian living framework by teaching and practicing the following:

  • Knowing our Faith
  • Loving God
  • Sharing God’s Word
  • Growing with God

We teach our children how faith helps us to improve at the things we do and to allows us to go forward in life without fear.  We teach that our faith gives us courage to use our strengths and to help other people. We invite all children to participate in Church School which is open during the months of September through June.

COVID-19 ALERT:  Due to the novel coronavirus and the limitations on in person gatherings, our Church School is currently meeting on Friday evenings at 7:00PM via Zoom.  There are three different links, depending on age group.  A Zoom account is not required to be able to join our on line Church School sessions.  This year we are focusing on teaching the Sunday Gospel readings.

Antiochian Women -

The Ladies Society has been in existence for 53 years. It provides spiritual fellowship and serves the church in a variety of ways. The women of St. Nicholas are a vibrant, cohesive and dedicated group who work for the glory of God through their devotion to their parish, their families and each other.

We welcome all female members of the Cathedral to join in our organization and help us to plan and sponsor events and outreach activities. The focus of our activities has been on discovering ways in which we may reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ for the glorification of the church and our faith. We meet monthly in members’ homes or at the church with the primary focus of the general meetings being to provide opportunities for the ladies to educate themselves and engage in enlightening discussions.

Several Cathedral events are sponsored by the Ladies Society throughout the year. Some are spiritual and some are fund raising efforts to support our Cathedral. For more information please visit our facebook page.

Men's Fellowship -

Formerly known as the St. Nicholas Men’s Society, the Fellowship was reorganized over 10 years ago after a lengthy hiatus. For many, many years the Men’s Society was responsible for the Father/Son Sports night held annually at the St. Nicholas Cathedral Hall. This event later became known as Sports Night and over the years not only raised money for the Cathedral, but brought sports celebrities to the Church to deliver a message to our youth regarding the love of family and staying in school.

The Fellowship over the years have served this Cathedral in many ways, such as serving Mother’s Day Lunch to the Ladies of the Cathedral, provided backpacks to homeless children through Focus N.A., raised much needed funds for the Cathedral, sponsored Lenten meals during the Pre-sanctified liturgies during Lent and have involved ourselves in many other projects for St. Nicholas including sponsoring Religious Retreats.

Teen SOYO -

The Youth Movement of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian at St. Nicholas Cathedral — Living the Orthodox Faith in Christ through Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship.

For more information please visit our Facebook page.  You may also contact the Cathedral Office for more information on how to get connected to the Teen SOYO program, mailing list and membership.  

Teen SOYO is involved in many different sorts of activities.  We strengthen our faith as Orthodox Christians through education.  We put it into action through works of service to on behalf of our Cathedral and the local community.  We strengthen our friendships and grow together as Orthodox Christian teens through gatherings and social activities and outings both locally and with our sister Orthodox Churches in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Parish Council -

Executive Committee

Dean of the Cathedral Fr. Nabil L. Hanna
President Sarkees John Nahas
Vice Chairman Nassif Shammaa
Treasurer Gregory Ajalat
Recording Secretary Louie Sadd
Corresponding Secretary Concetta Smarius


Voting Membership (In addition to those listed above)

Dr. Issa Alesh Fadi Madanat
Richard Ayoob Tania Mattar
Jacqueline Badaro Jessica Naccache
Robert Crawford James Samore
Ehab Dhahabreh Rose Samore
Nina Fayad Mikhail Zeeb


Non-Voting Membership

Fr Paul Olson & Fr Andrew Andrews

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral
2300 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA  90057

(213) 382-6269

To join our mailing list, please call the Cathedral office, email us or use the contact form on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.