St Elizabeth
St Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth lived in first century Palestine, was the mother of St. John the Baptist and the sister of St. Anna, the mother of the Theotokos. Although barren, the Lord sent his angel to her indicating she would bear a child and his name would be John. St. Elizabeth’s husband, St. Zacharias, was deprived of his speech because of his unbelief, until he confirmed, at St. John’s birth that the name was John, even though no family members had this name. Herod knew about John’s unusual birth and he wanted to kill him, fearing that he was the foretold King of the Jews. But Elizabeth hid herself and the infant in the hills. As her pursuers closed in on her, St. Elizabeth implored God for their safety and immediately the hill opened up and concealed her and the infant from their pursuers. St. Zachariah was murdered between the temple and the altar. St. Elizabeth died forty days afterwards. St. John the Baptist, preserved by the Lord, dwelt in the wilderness until his ministry began. St. Elizabeth is commemorated on June 24.

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